Personalized IT for Your Business: Know your Techie

The importance of a well-functioning IT infrastructure is critical to the health of any business.  These days it is impossible to imagine a successful business that does not rely on technology to keep it functioning.  Reliability is a must to keep any business efficient and competitive.

Your business has likely contracted with an IT support company or a Managed Services Provider (MSP) to manage its IT needs, keep things running smoothly and respond when support is needed.  Regular maintenance and upkeep are the foundation of IT support, but the critical part for your business comes with the quality and effectiveness of responses when unexpected support needs arise.

Ask yourself this: When you call in to get help with something from your IT support/MSP, how many people do you talk to before you get your issue resolved?  How many times do you have to explain your issue?  How many technicians have you interacted with more than once and how knowledgeable were they regarding the overall state of your business’s IT setup?

Large businesses may not have a choice but to use an IT support/MSP provider with rotating staff to efficiently respond to all their requests.  On the other hand, small- and medium-size businesses have the opportunity to have personalized IT support/MSP that fits the needs of their business.  They do not have to explain the entire setup of their business and the specific issue each time someone calls in with a problem.  They do not have added downtime or frustration as a result of dealing with someone different each time they contact their IT support/MSP.

The best IT support/MSP experience is not based on technical prowess alone, but on the ability to build and maintain relationships with the clients themselves.  If you really know your IT support/MSP, you know who you’re calling before you even dial the number.  You can trust that they know you and your business and will be able to help translate your issue into the technical jargon needed to isolate and resolve it.  You know exactly who to go to when you have a question and you can trust that their answer will take your personal needs into account.  It’s a huge difference from rolling the dice with a large or faceless IT company.

Here at Vermont Panurgy, our clients are known and dear to us.  We strive daily to fortify the trust placed in our care for each company’s IT.  In our weekly team meetings, we discuss each one of our clients in detail, where we share updates, plan preventative steps to keep each one running optimally, and overall make sure everyone on our team knows what is happening with that client, even for clients who may have had a quieter week.  When businesses have Vermont Panurgy for their IT support/MSP, they can rest assured that if they communicate something to one person, it is the same as if they had sent the message to the entire company.  We work well with each other to ensure that responses are quick, efficient, and personalized to each business.  

Are you feeling like your current IT support provider’s shoes are too big for you or not quite the fit or feel that you would like?  Do you wish you knew who was actually working on your IT system?  Give us a call today, and let’s chat about how we can work together so you know your techie!

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