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Twelve Days of Tech Tips for the Holiday Season

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s not just Santa Claus that’s coming to town. Scammers, hackers, bots and all sorts of other nefarious actors will always be around, waiting in the wings to take advantage of eager and ignorant consumers, travelers and revelers. Beware, but do not fear! At the advent of this year’s …

Why Use a Password Manager

With all the password requirements nowadays, complexity requirements, expirations, lockouts, etc., it is nearly impossible for anyone to remember all of their passwords and which one to use on which website without some form of documentation. Many do-it-yourself solutions have arisen, from a notebook you keep in your desk drawer, to a Word document on …

Windows Updates and Your Business

You’re working on your computer, it’s halfway through the second week of the month, and all of a sudden, your PC starts to slow down and lag. Unsure what is going on, you plod forward, hoping whatever is causing the problem will correct itself eventually. After some minutes go by, a notification pops up in …

Microsoft Teams Phone: A Case Study in Early Adoption

With relentless reliance on dependable phone systems for day-to-day operations in pretty much every business sector, even considering the potential of upgrading or moving to a different system can cause most business owners distress. The cost, the downtime, the business impact — it’s almost too much. It’s completely understandable then that many businesses, which have …

Ransomware by Industry

How would you score on a ransomware quiz? What 3 industries do you think are hit the most? Give us your thoughts in the comments. Get a reality check by viewing this infographic by the Microsoft Detection and Response Team on ransomware-by-industry trends. Feeling vulnerable? Get in touch to discuss how Vermont Panurgy can help you stop ransomware in its tracks with Microsoft Azure.

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Ransomware by Industry Image

What 3 industries are hit hardest by ransomware? Comment if you think you know Check back next week for answers and insight 💡 on other ransomware-related questions, like: “What specific types of companies do hackers avoid attacking?”

Predicting ransomware trends is hard. Your best option is investing in the right security tools and solutions. Vermont Panurgy recommends Microsoft Azure for its built-in cloud security. Get in touch to learn more.