Virtualization is about better resource utilization, reliability, flexibility and cost savings.  Virtual machines are more secure, reliable and stable versus physical machines and can save your company large amounts of money to operate and maintain.

Segregating your server functions onto separate servers has been a recommended practice for decades. Purchasing separate physical devices for each function is very expensive. Most businesses pursuing this route end up buying the servers incrementally, across several years. This causes issues when the servers are expected to perform collaboratively, as performance and functionality degrade over time.

Furthermore, more hardware leads to more energy use, and higher chances of failure. If one server’s hardware goes down, it can cripple the network or systems critical for business operability, such as databases, application servers, email, file or print systems.

When virtualizing your servers onto one host, you are able to mitigate all of these issues. The host server can have built-in failsafe systems, such as hardware and data redundancy, failover connections and replication. Shared resources become available for easy reconfiguration and adjustment, and professional warranties provide reliable service for years to come.

Vermont Panurgy has been a leader in virtualization technologies for over a decade.  Our knowledgeable engineers have virtualized countless machines for a large number of companies and agencies throughout Vermont.  We have harnessed tools centered around Microsoft’s Hyper-V technology that aid in the conversion and back-up of various server virtualization solutions.

If you are looking to reduce your operation costs and increase your system reliability and functionality, contact us today so we can start the conversation.

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