Vermont Panurgy has always respected the integrity and creativity of the individual. We encourage individual initiative. Vermont Panurgy’s strength is also in its collective intelligence. All of our employees add to a project’s strength with their own ideas and input.  One of our core values is “It’s the People”.

Our number one priority is the customer!

It’s our people who manage our projects, develop leading edge technologies and design new services for our customers. They talk with our customers, hire new talent, and develop our technology and training strategies.

Vermont Panurgy employees can tell you how they’ve contributed to the company and how Vermont Panurgy has invested in them. But while everyone’s voice is different, you’ll hear the same messages over and over: “I have fun in my job.” “My co-workers and I communicate.” Vermont Panurgy is a great place to grow a career.

Benefits include:

  • Competitive salaries
  • Health insurance
  • Simple IRA with company match
  • Educational opportunities
  • Paid Time Off

So welcome to Vermont Panurgy! Meet our people, tour our offices. Enjoy your time here, and remember that if you join us, your voice and your contributions can make Vermont Panurgy an even better place to work.

Currently Open Positions:

Course Instructor – Online and In-Person

Course Instructor – G-Suite, Office 365