Hardware Service and Support

Tech Support

Vermont Panurgy’s technical personnel are highly proficient with hardware, software, system maintenance procedures, user applications and interpersonal relationship skills. Our objective is to develop a partnership relationship with our clients by providing maximized end user productivity through cost-effective support and maintenance services.

Communication Systems Support

Vermont Panurgy employs sophisticated systems to improve the quality of our service delivery and to continuously communicate with our clients regarding the effectiveness of our service delivery. Our systems provide:

  • Central dispatch utilizing priority email notifications to smart phones
  • Service call tracking
  • Automatic management escalation
  • Service call history reporting

Access and Tracking

Support Call

When a customer places a call to our toll-free 800 support lines, they have access to Vermont Panurgy’s hardware maintenance support. Throughout the “life” of a service call, Vermont Panurgy monitors the call, storing all historical call information into an automated system. This system not only enables us to monitor and track our service delivery; but, if necessary, can provide an automated management service call escalation path involving Vermont Panurgy’s top management.

Furthermore, this system allows us to run various reports indicating the effectiveness of our service delivery and enabling us to closely monitor the quality of our service delivery process. Monthly reports can be provided detailing work performed.

Moves, Adds, Changes

Vermont Panurgy can assist with your upgrading of existing systems with moves, adds and changes. By working with you, Vermont Panurgy Specialists can facilitate the enhancements with a minimum of downtime.