Vermont Panurgy has been on state contract for HP systems for over 20 years. We provide HP servers as well as installation and maintenance services for agencies throughout the state of Vermont.

vermont state contract Hewlett Packard
  • State of Vermont Products, Pricing and Service
  • Compaq –  Hewlett Packard (HP) Fileserver Contract
    • Contract Number 188
    • For Pricing: WSCA
  • IBM PC’s and Notebook Contract
    • Contract number 065

HP Reseller: Vermont Panurgy

  • Band 1: Desktops
  • Band 2: Laptops
  • Band 3: Tablets
  • Band 4: Servers
  • Band 5: Storage Peripherals & Related Services

Vermont Panurgy Contact: Diane Stowell P: (802)658-7788 X224
Contract number: 30178 Vermont
Training Contract: Computer Related Training Vermont Panurgy Contract number: 31431 New York State
Contracts: Partner Name Vermont Panurgy
Partner Location ID 10259634
State Contract Number PM20860
Authorized Product Lines Lot 2 – Hardware State of NY IT Umbrella Buy Site

For pricing, contact Sales at (800) 974-1115

Panurgy is available to assist State of Vermont agencies and subdivisions with system specifications and configurations. Panurgy also will provide assistance with order processing, order tracking and after the sale support. Warranty upgrades are available to provide timely, on-site hardware service.

Contact Sales at 800-974-1115 for order information

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