Vermont Panurgy … We are a Barracuda Shop

Vermont Panurgy is a Barracuda shop. Vermont Panurgy is the leading provider of Barracuda Networks solutions to companies and agencies in Vermont and Northern New England.  We carry the full line of Barracuda products from email security to backup appliances and firewalls.  We have the experience and technical expertise to install the full line of products in any environment. 

Vermont Panurgy and Barracuda Networks are aligned in our commitment to customer service and business models.

  • We believe in doing business in person!
  • We believe in providing value – great products and services that solve business needs
  • We believe that when you call for service, a person should pick up the phone

Data Protection

Barracuda Backup Service

Barracuda Backup Service

The Barracuda Backup Service is an affordable data backup solution, providing a full local data backup that is combined with a storage subscription to replicate data offsite. This approach provides the best of both worlds – onsite backups for fast restore times and secure, offsite storage for disaster recovery. Block level deduplication is applied inline to reduce traditional backup storage requirements by 20 to 50 times while also reducing backup windows and bandwidth requirements.

Key Features

  • Offsite backup to 2 geographically separate locations
  • Secure data transfer to offsite data center
  • Redundant disk-based storage
  • Best-of-breed data retention policies
  • Single transfer from location to save bandwidth
  • Centralized Web interface for granular controls
  • Detailed, easy-to-use reports and usage graphs
  • Quick and easy restoration from Web interface
  • Direct FTPS data access with point in time restore
Barracuda Backup Service

Click here to read the Barracuda Backup Service Datasheet for more info

Security Services

Barracuda Email Security Service

Barracuda Web Filtering Service

The Barracuda Email Security Service is a comprehensive and affordable cloud-based email security service that protects both inbound and outbound email against the latest spam, viruses, worms, phishing and denial of service attacks. Barracuda Email Security Service also includes email encryption and Data Loss Prevention features.

Spam and viruses are blocked in the cloud prior to delivery to the customer, providing additional Denial of Service protection. In addition, cloud-based filtering offloads any processing required for spam and virus filtering from the email server.

Key Features:

  • Protect inbound and outbound emails from spam and viruses
  • Includes Data Loss Prevention and email Encryption features
  • Cloud-based, without hardware of software to install
  • Email spooling for up to 96 hours

Click here to read the Barracuda Essentials for Email Security datasheet for more info

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall

In the cloud era, network firewalls must do more than secure your network. They must also ensure you have uninterrupted network availability and robust access to cloud-hosted applications.

Barracuda CloudGen Firewall is a family of hardware, virtual, and cloud-based appliances that protect and enhance your dispersed network infrastructure. They deliver advanced security by tightly integrating a comprehensive set of Cloud-Generation firewall technologies, including Layer 7 application profiling, intrusion prevention, web filtering, malware and advanced threat protection, antispam protection, and network access control.

In addition, Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls combine highly resilient VPN technology with intelligent traffic management and WAN optimization capabilities. This lets you reduce line costs, increase overall network availability, improve site-to-site connectivity, and ensure uninterrupted access to applications hosted in the cloud. Scalable centralized management helps you reduce administrative overhead while defining and enforcing granular policies across your entire dispersed network.

Barracuda’s cloud-ready firewalls are ideal for multi-site enterprises, managed service providers, and other organizations with complex, dispersed network infrastructures.

Key Features:

  • Manage complex and distributed networks.
    In a recent survey, almost half of respondents stated that managing complex networks is their number-one challenge.
  • Ensure high performance between locations and to the cloud.
    Both site-to-site and site-to-cloud represent major connectivity challenges.
  • Always keep security top of mind.
    More than 40 percent of respondents said that rapid network expansion leads to new security concerns.

Click here to read the Barracuda CloudGen Firewalls datasheet for more info