Server Monitoring

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Make sure your Vermont-based physical servers stay up and running with automated server monitoring services as a part of a Managed Services package from Vermont Panurgy. Weather and utility access issues are high-risk variables up here in the Green Mountain State. Remote server monitoring is a preventative measure that makes sure your servers are running optimally, and detect any activity that may cause major issues or downtime.

With this service also comes periodic health analysis and optimization recommendations. Vermont Panurgy’s toolbox includes methods to identify when storage space is getting low on a server’s drive, memory is getting overly-taxed, CPU usage is unduly high, and other factors before they begin to cause damage or significant issues with the system. With a Managed Services package from Vermont Panurgy, you can rest assured that your servers are in good hands.

More About Server Monitoring

A server is responsible for providing all the network services and they make it possible for us to communicate and operate anything from any part of the world using our computers.

And to make sure everything is working properly, server monitoring is done. In server monitoring, servers are constantly analyzed for any issues by server monitoring softwares.

Server monitoring software run 24/7 in the background to check every process which is carried out for possible issues which can result in downtime of the server. It also helps in planning for the resources needed for sudden loads and providing a better end-user experience.

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