Managing Multigenerational Teams

One Day Ÿ Instructor-led

You’re the manager of a team of people from different generations and you need them to cooperate, collaborate, and deliver maximum performance.   

Course Objective:

You will recognize how generational differences affect your team’s performance and conduct, and you will change problematic behavior, leverage generational assets, and hire and retain members of a specific generation to complement your team.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • handle intergenerational workplace issues.
  • promote the capabilities of multigenerational teams.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Handling Intergenerational Workplace Issues

  • Map Your Own Generational Attitudes
    • Cultural Literacy
    • Stereotypes
    • Generational Diversity
  • Reinforce Performance Expectations
  • Communicate Effectively with Your Team
    • Communication Modes
    • Concerns
  • Motivate Your Team
    • Motivators
    • Negotiation

Lesson 2: Promoting the Skills of Multigenerational Teams

  • Adapt to Multigenerational Teams
    • Pluralism
    • Corporate culture
    • Tolerance for change
  • Maximize the Potential of Generations
    • Assets of generations
    • Roadblocks to acceptance
  • Collaborate with Generations
    • Decision-making styles
    • Types of collaboration
  • Coach Generations on Your Team
    • Coaching styles
    • Attitudes toward coaching
  • Interview Multigenerational Job Candidates
    • Workplace demographics
    • Interview types
  • Retain Intergenerational Employees
    • Career expectations
    • Retention strategies