Managing Upward

One Day • Instructor-led

An excellent course if you are wishing to position yourself for upward professional mobility. This course introduces techniques for developing positive working relationships with those above you in the organization. It is not easy to “manage your boss,’ but the tips provided will help you handle and offer both praise and criticism.


  • Focusing on the Big Pictures.
  • Communicate with Impact.
  • Build bridges via Meetings.
  • Confronting with Compassion.
  • Read your Boss.
  • Manage Time Management Monsters.
  • Cope with Dreadful Bosses.

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Introduction

  • What Is a Boss?
  • Why are You Taking this Course?
  • Defining the Partnership and How it can be better
  • Think about Your Situation
  • Clarify Your Relationship

Lesson 2: Focusing on the Big Picture

  • Where Do I Start?
  • Other Ways to Find Out Your Boss’ Priorities
  • Blend Goals
  • Blocks to Goal Advancement
  • Overcoming Blocks

Lesson 3: Communicate with Impact

  • What is Effective Communication?
  • Communication Gaps
  • How Well Do You Comprehend or Listen?

Lesson 4: Building Bridges via Meetings

  • Let’s Talk!
  • Before You Jump In
  • Getting Started
  • Getting Action from Bi-Weekly Meetings
  • The High Cost of Meetings
  • If Your Boss is the Meeting Leader

Lesson 5: Confronting with Compassion

  • How can You Critique Your Manager?
  • Five S’s of Providing Unsolicited Feedback
  • Select Your Timing
  • Secure the Boss’ Permission
  • Share Specifics
  • Show Team Benefits
  • Summarize Your Agreement

Lesson 6: How to Read Your Boss

  • Reading your Boss
  • The Stop Sign

Lesson 7: The Care and Feeding of a Boss

  • Six Ways to Become a Star
  • Successful Employee Actions
  • Praising Upward
  • Things Bosses Don’t Want

Lesson 8: Managing Time Management Monsters

  • Productivity Principles
  • How to Manage the Monsters
  • Interruptions
  • Changing Priorities
  • Coping with Multiple Bosses
  • Lack of Information
  • Unavailable Boss
  • Disorganized Boss

Lesson 9: Coping with Dreadful Bosses

  • All Bosses Are Not Created Equal
  • Intolerable Boss Behavior
  • What Can You Do?
  • Risk to Action Steps Diagram
  • Good Guy/Bad Guy
  • The Bottleneck Boss

Lesson 10: Chutes or Ladders

  • Assess Yourself
  • Evaluating Your Scoresheet
  • How to Achieve Good Performance Evaluations

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