Stress Management

One Day • Instructor-led

This training program is designed to help you acquaint others with stress management skills. In this course, participants will learn how to define stress and will learn to understand its effects on emotional health, examine strategies for coping with stress, employ mindfulness meditation techniques, learn how to make personal contacts positive and meaningful, and explore ways to attain and maintain emotional maturity.

Performance Based Objectives
 At the completion of this course you’ll know how to:
• Define stress and understand its effects on emotional health
• Examine strategies for coping with stress
• Employ mindfulness meditation techniques
• Make personal contacts positive and meaningful
• Explore ways to attain and maintain emotional maturity

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Understanding Stress
• Recognizing Stress
• Identifying Behavior Patterns
• The Three Stages of Stress
• Examining Workplace Stress
• Stress in Your Workplace
• Understanding Burnout
• Finding the Right Amount of Stress

Lesson 2: Taking Responsibility for Your Own Stress
• Identifying Stress in Your Life
• Coping with Stress
• Stress Release

Lesson 3: Biofeedback, Mindfulness, and Meditation
• Biofeedback and Mindfulness
• Meditation Exercise
• Attitudes for  Emotional Health

Lesson 4: Improving Relationships with Self and Others
• Accepting Yourself as Unique
• Realistic and Unrealistic
• Expectations
• Assessing Your Strengths
• Universal Human Needs
• Building Better Relationships
• Recognizing Negative Relationships
• How Well Do You Relate to Others?

Lesson 5: Enhancing Your Emotional Health
• Understanding Emotional Maturity
• Your Own Emotional Fitness
• Building Self-Confidence
• Solving Problems Openly
• Tips for Emotional Fitness