Effective Presentations

Effective Presentations
One Day - Instructor-led

This course teaches students about creating effective presentations. Students learn how to determine realistic presentation objectives, analyze the audience, use supporting materials effectively, organize a presentation clearly, and successfully incorporate visual aids. Course activities also cover reducing the fear of public speaking, remaining calm, appearing relaxed, and improving the delivery of your presentation. Finally, students learn how to assess the audience members and answer their questions, organize a persuasive presentation, and use reasoning and emotional appeals to persuade an audience.


This course is designed for anyone who is looking to advance professionally in their field

Course Outline

Lesson 1: Fundamentals of presentation

  • Effective presentations
  • Planning a presentation

Lesson 2: Audience analysis and supporting material

  • Audience analysis
  • Supporting materials
  • Perception and reality

Lesson 3: Building presentations

  • Build presentations
  • Develop an introduction
  • Organize the body of the presentation
  • Effective conclusion

Lesson 4: Presentation mechanics

  • Visual aids
  • Understand visual aids

Lesson 5: Presentation process

  • Extemporaneous speaking
  • Preparation for speaking
  • Deliver a presentation
  • Nonverbal communication

Lesson 6: Question-and-answer session

  • Handle questions effectively
  • Handle challenging questions
  • Preparation for speaking

Lesson 7: Fundamentals of persuasion

  • Understand persuasion
  • Organize a persuasive presentation
  • Methods of persuasion