Twelve Days of Tech Tips for the Holiday Season

When the holiday season rolls around, it’s not just Santa Claus that’s coming to town. Scammers, hackers, bots and all sorts of other nefarious actors will always be around, waiting in the wings to take advantage of eager and ignorant consumers, travelers and revelers. Beware, but do not fear! At the advent of this year’s …

Microsoft Teams Phone: A Case Study in Early Adoption

With relentless reliance on dependable phone systems for day-to-day operations in pretty much every business sector, even considering the potential of upgrading or moving to a different system can cause most business owners distress. The cost, the downtime, the business impact — it’s almost too much. It’s completely understandable then that many businesses, which have …

A company crazy about chocolate, serious about people, uses Microsoft Teams to build personal relationships

When you add telephony capabilities to your existing #Microsoft Teams, you equip your team with a powerful system that has everything available in one single interface. Learn how #TonysChocolonely, an Amsterdam impact and chocolate company, uses this system to coordinate easily with their workers in Europe, America, and Africa.

Z Displays | Z by HP

Experience stunning color and crystal-clear details with #HP Z displays. Color calibration and HP Eye Ease make these monitors ideal for work. They feature ergonomic features to reduce strain, and ultra-high resolution so you can zero in on the finest details easily. Check out this video, brought to you by Vermont Panurgy, to learn about them.